PowerFunnel makes ground-mount solar as easy as rooftop:

  • Factory Assembled and Tested
  • Arrives at site ready to deploy
  • Installed and operating quickly
  • One snap-connector wires units together, no tools required
  • Electrically inert plastic structure, safe to install
  • Easily scales from a single unit to as many as you need
  • No holes or loads on your roof
  • Easier maintenance, highest possible output

The Best Place For Solar Is On the Ground

It’s simple to see why the best place to put your solar power system is on the ground:  optimum power output, easy maintenance, no holes or unplanned loads on your roof.  Ask any firefighter about the risk that roof mount solar presents to them and the property they are trying to save.  And what if you need power in a place where there IS no roof?  Look at any utility-scale system.  The ground is the best place for solar.
But there are challenges that can make traditional ground-mount solar a far less practical option for smaller-scale systems: you need enough land to host the system, it’s a complex and time consuming effort to build a mounting structure, and everything has to be assembled in the field.  When you think about it, the traditional approach to ground-mount solar is like a car company building your dream car in the driveway rather than at a factory.  And while we can’t manufacture land for you, we have taken care of just about everything else.

Innovation Inspired by Everyday Items

By looking around at the countless innovations that are part of our everyday lives, our engineers and designers came up with simple, familiar, yet brilliant new ways of solving the problem of deploying ground-mount solar.

The way shopping carts stack one into another gave us the inspiration to design PowerFunnels to ship the same way.  Each unit reinforces its neighbors during transit, and protects the solar panel from damage.

Anyone who’s ever assembled a bike for their kids on Christmas eve knows how much faster and enjoyable it is to have your product arrive fully assembled.

And those ubiquitous children’s building blocks, when not stabbing our feet in the middle of the night, reminded us of how easy and flexible something can be if it’s made of smaller snap-together pieces.

These plus dozens of other innovative ideas have been poured into the unique and patent-pending product that is PowerFunnel.


On-Grid and Off-Grid Models

Want to power your home, barn, shop, or out building that’s connected to the grid? Our flagship model provides 240Vac split-phase power, two circuits of 120Vac that’s the same you have in your home right now.

What about electric fences, gates, deer blinds or feeders that need 12V or 24V DC power? Our 1224DC model has a built in charge controller. Just place your existing battery inside the PowerFunnel and run appropriate wiring to the system you are powering.

For professional installations that may require string inverters, or for use as a retrofit in existing higher-voltage DC systems, the HVDC model is a perfect and cost effective fit.

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